SAWS Spring Bloom April

Our community outreach includes a speakers' bureau. Get in touch if you would like us to come and talk or give a cooking demonstration using herbs to your social club, business or school.  We are always delighted to share our herbal knowledge...
Herb Market at Pearl
3rd Saturday in October

Basil Fest at Pearl Brewery

​3rd Saturday in May

san antonio herb market association

As a non profit 501 (c) 3 Corporation, our mandate is to bring a knowledge of herbs to the community.  How to grow, cultivate and use them; how to cook with them and how to incorporate their many uses into a healthy lifestyle.  We do this through a variety of outreach events each year, starting with SAWS Spring Bloom where we bring out all of our information such as recipes, tee shirts, planting information, which herbs thrive in our San Antonio climate and much more.  We then move on to our charitable event of the year, Basil Fest - which is coming up this year on May 18th at the historic Pearl Brewery.  We also participate in seminars, speaking events and classes, culminating in the annual Herb Market at the Pearl Brewery which features the Herb of the Year in cooking demonstrations.  This year - 2019 - it is Giant Blue Hyssop, which will be a very interesting challenge for our celebrity chef to produce recipes that are delicious and nutritious come Herb Market on the 3rd Saturday of October 2019 !!

Festival of Flowers 

Austin Event Center late May

Cooking demos!