INSECTS & PLANTS:   When planting your garden  be mindful that insects are  attracted to certain plants.  There is a natural way to combat this - you guessed it - plant herbs!  The natural oils and scents of herbs help to deter insects.  Here is a list of insects you may encounter and the plants that help to deter them.

WHAT TO PLANT TOGETHER - OR NOT:  ​Some herbs are antagonistic to certain vegetables and fruits, meaning they do not play well together and are not advisable to plant beside one another. There are certain essential oils contained within the plants’ parts (expelled by either leaves, flowers, stem or roots) that are harmful or “antagonistic” to the growth and maturity patterns of other plants.  Reading the list below you will come to see that beans are very fussy about where they live and who is in the neighborhood. A fun thing to do is see which “families” or genus of plants do not like other families.  Are they in the same one?

South Central Texas is blessed with several growing seasons a year.  Fall is an excellent time to plant herbs, many will last until a hard freeze and some will over-winter.  Below you will find links to documents that you may find helpful when planning your herb garden.  The other pages in this section will give you information on companion plants - plants that you may want to consider placing in your garden in proximity to your herbs.  There is also a page that lists plants that oppose other plants in your garden.

Herbs By Season and Placement will help you with grouping your herbs by water requirements; season and sunlight.​